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Listerine “Bring Out the Bold”

When you think lifestyle brand, you might think fashion or apparel marketer, not so much mouthwash sellers – until now. In April of 2016, Johnson & Johnson’s Listerine launched a global “Bring Out the Bold” campaign in more than 80 countries starting around the idea that people who use its products most are just more adventurous.

This was the brand’s most extensive global campaign ever, targeting the U.S., China, Brazil, India and many more. They were able to gather the insight for their campaign through what J&J calls its Spotlight process, a 16-week deep dive into a brand’s core consumers, character, assets, promises and their purpose. The results were Listerine users proved to have a little more edge than non-Listerine users.

We created an explainer video for Listerine covering the results and reach of their “Bring Out the Bold” campaign, covering the problem, goals, outcome and what they expect for the future of Listerine.